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At a glance
At a glance

A unique place to get well

Max Grundig’s vision - a concept that unifies the health of the body and the mind


Max Grundig was not only the business legend from the years of the German “economic miracle”.  He also was a leading personality committed to the well-being of society.


In 1986 he fulfilled his vision of meaningful medicine with the acquisition of the former Sanatorium at Bühlerhöhe. The focus should be on the patient, not the illness. This means that doctors devote real time to their patients.


For more than 25 years, we have been continually developing this approach and incorporating the newest findings in medicine and psychology. With our focus on the human being as a whole, combining the views of specialists in psychology and internal medicine, we are carrying Max Grundig’s vision into the 21st century. This standard applies to our medical services as well as the other departments, accommodation, our restaurant and the entire clinic grounds.


Everything under one roof.

The clinic now has three main branches: The division for Internal Medicine with a broad spectrum of specialized divisions and excellent staff, a Check-up Centre and the division for Psychosomatic Medicine.


The Max Grundig Clinic is supported by the Max Grundig Foundation.


Ensuring the quality of patient care

The Max Grundig Clinic was certified in 2006 by the independent healthcare quality management organization "Kooperation für Transparenz und Qualität im Gesundheitswesen" (KTQ). The clinic opted for renewed evaluation and was certified twice more since then. All medical processes related to patient care were quality controlled by the KTQ.