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Our Treatment Concepts

A focused look on the inside – with the eyes of internists and psychologists.
The unique concept of the Max Grundig Clinic enjoys an excellent reputation at home and abroad since many years. The reason – we do not look at individual parts of the body alone, but at the whole human being. Many patients use our expertise, the outstanding technical equipment, and the professional and discreet care all combined at one of the most beautiful places in Europe.

Everything United Under One Roof

Normally, having the highest demands in medical standards means that you are on a never-ending tour to find suited physicians, because the specialists of the different disciplines are rarely to be found in one place. This is where Max Grundig Clinic takes a different approach. Here, specialists work together hand in hand under one roof.

Acute Treatment

When It Has to Be Quick

Time plays an essential role within many illnesses – the rapid start of treatment is especially crucial for the course of the illness and the best possible recovery. It is a matter of course to schedule Your appointments in a timely manner, during routine interventions and even more so in acute situations.

Follow-up Curative Treatment

Sustainable Regeneration

After a serious disease or surgical intervention, everyone needs time and a lot of rest and, above all, the best possibly medical care, individual treatment strategies, and state-of-the-art functional equipment. All of this is combined in the follow-up curative treatment at the Max Grundig Clinic. Take the step towards a better quality of life and longer life expectancy – decide on a follow-up curative treatment.

Cardiological Subsequent Cure

If You decide on a follow-up curative treatment after a heart attack, bypass surgery, an operative or interventional “exchange” of a heart valve or sclerotherapy for cardiac arrhythmia several cardiological specialists at university level – in cooperation with the Heart Centre Freiburg-Bad Krozingen – are by Your side in our clinic. Risk factors such as high blood pressure are optimally adjusted during Your stay and You will receive detailed training to be able to deal accordingly with Your heart disease.

Orthopedic Subsequent Cure

The first weeks after receiving artificial joints are decisive for the mobility in the next few years. After serious operations on the spine, the path into mobility needs to be successful. Even after severe accidents and fractures, the way back into everyday life is crucial.

Gastroenterological Subsequent Cure

In case of existing gastrointestinal diseases, rehabilitation treatment is certainly recommended after any major abdominal surgery. Thanks to high-tech diagnostics, postoperative complications can be detected on time in our radiology center and treated on the inpatient ward immediately.

Oncological Subsequent Cure

Especially after oncological measurements, rehabilitation treatment is a decisive factor on the path to recovery. In case additional chemotherapy should be required after the operation, this can also be carried out during the follow-up curative treatment in Max Grundig Clinic.

Outpatient Treatment

Treatment in the Clinic - Recovery at Home

Most people, probably everyone, tend to not like clinics. Everyone strives to make their stay there as short as possible. Needless to say, the Max Grundig Clinic cannot be compared to an ordinary clinic and yet we do understand if someone would rather recover within their own four walls.

That is why we offer outpatient treatments whenever possible or desired. Our patients benefit from our physician’s outstanding competence and can subsequently get healthy at home.

We take the time to understand your individual needs and develop customized health plans - because each person is unique.

Prof. Dr. med. Curt Diehm

Chief Medical Officer

Prof. Diehm is a specialist for internal medicine, cardiology, angiology, phlebology, and sports medicine. He was acting chair of the department for sports medicine at Heidelberg University for several years. Since 2014 he is Chief Medical Officer at Max Grundig Clinic. Together with the Specialist Clinic for Psychosomatics, the Specialist Clinic for Internal Medicine follows Max Grundig’s vision of uniting body and mind.

Career Path

Prof. Dr. med. Curt Diehm studied human medicine at the universities in Heidelberg, Genf, and Paris. After an experimental doctor’s thesis about the therapy of acute heart attacks Prof. Diehm became research associate and assistant physician at the university clinic in Heidelberg. He habilitated there in 1984. He received his professorship in 1990. Between 1991 and 2014 Prof. Diehm was chief physician in the department of internal medicine in the clinic in Karlsbad-Langensteinbach, an academic educational hospital of the University of Heidelberg.

Author, Co-Editor, Memberships

Professor Diehm is the author of several academic books on medicine and books for patients. He is co-editor of many national and international journals and a member of several international academic societies. For this work he already received a number of prizes and awards.

Voluntary Positions

He received the Federal Cross of Merit (Bundesverdienstkreuz) in 2014 for his voluntary service as President of the German Association for Angiology (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Angiologie/Gefäßmedizin), in addition to almost twenty years of service as the head of the German Association for Vascular Medicine (Deutsche Gefäßliga), as well as his longstanding work as a board member of the German Stroke Foundation (Stiftung Deutsche Schlaganfallhilfe).

Our Specialist Departments

Everything Under one Roof
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